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Friday, January 22, 2016

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Friday, March 20, 2015

The First Year~ "Segmented Mastermind MeetUps"

Year I

1. The Value of Installing Systems

 30 Min. Networking Before Event
First Segment Year One Speed Networking. Remember the system is being built in defined Each Topic or Meeting has Seven segments Per Meeting. Clicking on the Video Button will reveal the whole Master Mind Meeting for that Month. There is much to see, hear and then Apply or even Do. This is no ordinary Meetup Master Mind Group.

I will post the first seven months to show you the different segments and then from here out a post about the following months and then forward.
Month 1

2. Generate MORE & BETTER Leads

Segment Two Wins and Biggest Challenges. This Segments is one of my favorites to here and watch over and over I watch this segment because in almost every video some one has got something to share in the WIN category. 

Talk about stirring up some hope in a newbie like me this segment really does It. Remember to watch the complete Meeting, click the Video Button to see the other six segments. 

Month 2

3. Convert MORE Prospects to Clients
This segment covers Personality Masteries.

Month 3

4. Convert prospects FASTER
The 5/30 Grid the DNA for Business. 

Month 4

5. Generate a LARGE QUANTITY of Referrals 

Natural Laws
Month 5

6. Create Client For LIFE Relationships 

Q&A Segment

Month 6

7. Leadership - Create Massive PROFITS

Great Things for Next Month Segment.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

12 Month Outline~ What is Going On at the Master Mind? What is a Master Mind? Why Should I Join a Master Mind?

First Year and Counting~ Master Seminar  Videos

 Level 1
This level sets the foundation for any business owner, any leader in a business, anyone in sales, anyone who desires to see greater success in any area of their life, or to take themselves to new levels of success.


Mastermind Objective

 To assist each member to learn how to better leverage their networks and learn how to develop and install their own custom BOS - Business Operating System which will empower them to earn more, work less, have less stress, and increase their overall life balance.



 This weekly one hour Mastermind group will meet via conference call and webinar.  There will be a combination of live and online instruction, Q&A, discussion groups, blogs and team get togethers.  Within 30 days of joining a mastermind group it is expected that for every hour you invest that you’ll get three hours back in extra time.
  • More Time - Get your business to run more like a machine without you
  • More Profit - Greater efficiencies + greater consistencies.
  • Less Stress - Stronger systems = predictable results.
  • More Leads - Stronger Area 1: Marketing systems produce more leads.
  • Better Leads - Better messaging with better databases means better leads.
  • More Conversations - Solid Area 2: Pre-Sales systems convert more leads to clients.
  • Faster Sales - Disciplined Area 3: The Sales activities close prospects faster.
  • More Referrals - Scientific approach to Area 4: Servicing produces more referrals.
  • Higher Profit Margins - Precise Area 5: Client For Life keeps clients for a lifetime.
  • Better Hiring - Apply The 5/30 Grid and Personality Masteries to hiring process.
  • Profitable Partnerships - Apply BOS to partnership model. 


 Mastermind Partnerships is not a quick fix program but a scientific approach to taking one’s business or one’s career and move to a whole new level of success over time.  You will not only gain a great return from your financial investment into the system but will gain a great return on your time.  Imagine . . . gaining three hours back for every one hour you invest as a result of working smarter, better systems, stronger delegation, contracting out the right things and very profitable partnerships.

Mastermind Services - Level 1

There is a wide range of flexibility in the Mastermind Partnership and can be tweaked to meet your specific needs.  In Levels 2 and 3 there are more tools, more online courses, phone support, and higher level training.  Every level is powerful and the proper fit considering your goals, budget, and how quickly you would like to see results is important to seeing the best success.
There is a twelve month signed agreement to enter into the program.  You may move to higher levels if you find the current level is not advancing you as fast as you would like to move.
 Mastermind Calls / Webinars

 Based on your application you will be placed in an appropriate group Mastermind call and Webinar.  In addition to hearing the discussions you will also be able to visually see the executive presenter as they share the details and models for each lesson being presented.  
There are a wide range of Mastermind groups.  Some are as small as a handful of people and others may have hundreds of participants.  If you are not getting everything you would like from your Mastermind group we will evaluate your situation and make the required modifications to improve your experience with the possibility to change your groups if needed.
Many Mastermind calls / Webinars are recorded.  If your Mastermind call is recorded you are free to request it for your review if you miss the call and/or would like to further study what was shared on the call.

Small Groups

You will be assigned a group with other individuals to also connect with throughout the Mastermind Partnerships program.  Group size could be between three and a maximum of twelve individuals.  We encourage small groups to connect once a week even if it’s only for 15 minutes to share progress, successes, challenges, what’s working, and what’s not.  You are encouraged to connect with others in your small group as is mutually beneficial in sharing best practices.


 You are free to email any questions, challenges, or issues you are having in any area of your business or life to an email support center.  Usually your email will be responded to within a couple of hours.  Maximum time for response would be 24 business hours. 

 Online Lessons

To gain additional learning, many topics have lessons online which will provide more detailed learning on specific topics of interest.  To gain the most benefit financially and time return from one’s investment many individuals will study topics from online lessons prior to attending the weekly live calls / webinars to put themselves in the best position to learn. 

 What is a Master Mind Group?

 Napoleon Hill' s Mastermind Principle.

Why Should I join a Master Mind Group?

I Can Not Answer That for You; You Must do That for Yourselves!

But I can share why I joined. Some times we are to close to our Projects/ visions our whys.That we are blinded by what we wish to see instead of what we got. So much so that we can't see the forest for the trees per-say. I have been building Something from nothing for the last 4 and a 1/2 yrs now.

It started out as an inspirational and motivational website for my down-line. Members of my first MLM Vemma and has morph into what  ? I am still trying to understand myself.

So I sought out help; but wasn't getting any. But now I am getting something bigger and better besides the help I was seeking.

I am getting a schooling like none other upon the planet. At none that I know of. And I have sought for over ten years to find a group and a system such as this. It may not be for you it is not an all things to everyone.

Even Christ could not persuade all of Us here Upon this planet but HE did make the effort and paid the accounts in full as well HE paved the way for everyone of Us who was reborn of woman upon this our world.

There is new Stuff and quality stuff added daily. So Valuable is this treasure trove with chests of Knowledge and Wisdom that I will be here as I think anyone seeking should be! Here for an extended amount of time.

Face it folks! We just don't know what we don't know until it is brought into the light!

Earn as you Learn Grow as You Go! Somebody Come and Play Today!

CYA Later Taters
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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Have You Ever Sought Out a Master Mind Group?

Have you ever sought a Master Mind Group only to be let down by the lack of participation? Have you joined and got all your creative Juices and engine bubbling up and steaming only to find out that the group has dissolved for no apparent reason.

The Mansion on the Hill, Most of these groups start out with an attention span unequaled to anything else going on within the seekers lives. They start out with great intention or are formed by someone with an intention and once their goal is reach disappear from active giving. They met their goal learned what they were seeking and went on with their own little world.

The Breakers - (left image) side view as we walked the lawn outside ...

For the last several years I sought out such groups and the process is almost always the same why? The Business/Life Vision of the Master Mind Group or Its Creator is not there, to small, or is self serving.

People are human beings and human beings have lives to live and life gets in the way. They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, at least that is what my mother would always say when my plans, visions, and intentions failed me.

I am still learning from this little statement. I do not know where she got It from or who might have shared it with her. Or maybe she came up with it all on her own? But what does it mean?

Possibly it means people have visions, dreams, and/or well meaning Idea's and lacked the focus, knowledge, and/or abilities to bring the goodness out from the Intention. I am just guessing.

But I think we fail because we have things to learn before we are capable to perform the given vision of intention.

Okay enough of that I found a Group worth sharing, my first encounter didn't go so well it shook me up a little bit and actually motivated me to take an action. Now at first I was not sure if this was the leader/coach If it was his intent. But now I think it was.

Do you remember having growing pains as a child? I think while in the moment we all had them but like a Mother to be in the thralls of labor we have forgotten them as the Birthing was completed.

Actually it isn't forgotten it is logged and place into a file that we do not check up on until the situation  calls for it. Hmm isn't that interesting?

Back ground noise it has become; its there waiting for us to bring it into the present.

So? Get on with it already!

Okay!  If your seeking Information about Personal relationships, Life, or even Business I found the Mansion on the Hill. Most of you Know I am a Want to Be Poet, and an Entrepreneur, and Would be Power Blogger. And That I have been on a journey to Make something from Nothing these last 4 1/2 years almost five now. And if you didn't you do now. 

So I finally found the place I am getting the answers to many of  the questions I was seeking, and some I haven't even thought about yet. Plainly stated we don't know what we don't Know! Until we discovery the Problem  we do not know one exists. 

Most of us human Beings we believe that Ignorance is Bliss. It is not This ignorance is Hell and we all will spend our allotted time within It. If no one let's us know there is a short cut to getting out of It. Both figuratively and literally. 

Knowledge they say is Power. Wisdom is knowing how to use and apply the knowledge. Wisdom is greater than Power only when It is applied. We have begun leaving the Industrial age some twenty-five plus years ago. A new age is being Birth as we live our lives day to day. The Knowledge age the age of information and applications.    

This is an Awakening Age of the whole person. No longer are we salves to the Masters of Information. It is readily available to all those who will seek It. The Internet, TV, Radio, Video, Magazines, Books,E-books, and Newspapers.
But there are even better places to receive Knowledge Learned or Learned Knowledge.

 I believe as Younger Adults we had a drive and desire to enter the "School of Hard Knocks" to Take our Lickings and Keep on Ticking sort of speak. But me I am now desiring to learn from others Beatings and not my own.

There in lies the Value of Master Mind Groups. Learning from Successes and failures of Others who have become Achievers, Believers, Receivers and also Givers. Who are still doing or who have done. People let us for once Work Smarter rather then Harder.

Let us stop taking the repeated lickings given to us by Life and the Devil of Ignorance. Let us choose to become Disciplined Thinkers, Doers, Teachers, and Preachers. Wisdom is more valuable then Gold, Platinum even.

Time,Treasure, Talents, Trust, and Truth

We all posses these GOD given qualities. Why have we so little ability to use them Today? As you know or at least some of you know I am Bat Crap Crazy about that reasoning. Or at least I have been accused of being so. So I'll leave that for another post a future post.

Sharing is the beginning of caring. But we must learn to Care Like our Grandparents did over fifty years ago. As our generation has become Constant and Consistent Consumers, Undisciplined, and Sloppy! Have you ever herd the saying by some from outside our Country. "Those Lazy Fat Americans they have It so good and don't even deserve It!"

We have become People without Voices in America today. We have become the unaware zombie slave with little engines that won't. Instead of the little engines that could not be stopped. Why do you think that is? We no longer believe we can. Instead we wait to be told. I wish to be swinging on a Star! What about You?

Master Mind groups Vary and are always Coming and Going. Very few with any scalability or size last very long. But I believe I found the one that will break all the boundaries It encounters.

There is so much here already. With new stuff being added daily and expeditiously it is going to grow. It is going to need Supporters and Reporters. Just to reveal what is even available to those who are seeking It and the likes of It.

This is what initiated this new Blog from Poetry Writes & Other Stuff from Sinbad the Sailor Man.

It will grow most rapidly once I am settle in my new Apartment or Home say a prayer and keep your fingers crossed for me please. I much rather have the home. But as things settle back down this Blog will be one with weekly if not Bi-weekly postings.

You can be better off then you are. You could be swinging on a star! Many stars! Who knows you may even become one your self.

The Vision Project Master Mind People
Click the link above here. And then on the Individual Images to find out More about them.

Alan Stein
International author and
speaker, business owner
and passionate about
Dimensional Living.
- See more at:

Alan Stein: International Author, Speaker, Business Owner, and Passionate About Dimensional Living.
Alan Stein
International author and
speaker, business owner
and passionate about
Dimensional Living.
- See more at:
Alan Stein
International author and
speaker, business owner
and passionate about
Dimensional Living.
- See more at:

Mark Boersma: Global - Caring - Everyone
Impacting everyone of the 7+ billion people in the world.
Randy Eikermann: CPA and Business Owner
Helping other business owners develop systems to give Owners Freedom
Steve Minnich: Specializing in helping Business Owners and Others
 "Manage the Health of Their Wealth"

Mark Boersma
Global - Caring - Everyone
Impacting everyone of
the 7+ billion people
in the world.
- See more at:

Scott Allred: CPA, Business Owner, and Passionate about making a difference in the lives of people.

Karen Carlson: Business Owner and Entrepreneur of multiple Ventures, Author, and a Connector of people.

Teresa Lekan: Executive Virtual Assistant and Business Professional making a positive impact with each connection. 

Ken Bucci ~ CPA: Working with Business Owners to develop & implement financial and business systems to gain Freedom.

Misty Renynolds: Someone who has a vision for growing their business, while helping other people.

Kevin King: Helping people find what they need in each area of their lives and guiding you through health insurance solutions.

Ed Kirch: An experienced Real Estate Professional with a great network and willingness to help others.

These are real people with real Businesses and with the same amount of Time, Life challenges, and Relationship challenges that we all face day in and day out. Wouldn't you like to learn how they stay at the top of their Daily Games; in each of these Areas? Relationships, Business, and Life.

For the past 13 months they all have been actively seeking these answers themselves, Some of them for much longer.

I will start you out with a Golden Key to unlock the Mastery of Systems. Here is a basic one we use all the time within in the group.

This to the untrained person may not say much. but If or when you start seeking Information it is sprayed upon you as water from a Fire Hose.

The Group has systems for everything. Segment (1.) Networking  (2.) Wins & Biggest Challenges (3.) DNA for People (4.) DNA for Business (5.) DNA for Life (6.) Q&A Segment (7.) Whats Happening? Next Month!

The Value of Installing Systems Year One First Topic.
Click Here to view all the Videos for Yr.1-Topic1

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Grow as You Go Somebody come and Play Today!

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